Worldr CEO, Max Buchan explains the growing need for zero trust security on Sky News

Who owns your data?

Privacy, security and compliance for your existing communications.

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Protect your most sensitive customer data with Worldr

Complete ownership of encryption keys
Enforceable data localization in private cloud or physical server
Data sovereignty to ensure regulatory compliance
Easily implemented in minutes without the risk of data loss

Secure your critical data, without leaving the platform you love

Worldr defends the data you share in Microsoft Teams from external breaches while prohibiting outside organizations from exploiting your most sensitive digital assets. It can be utilized in any environment, whether that be cloud based or on-premise; our lightweight architecture can be deployed in minutes for any size organization.

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Moving to Zero Trust security with the US government

The federal government recently stated their intention to transition to a Zero Trust framework by 2024. Zero Trust security is an approach built around the notion that every attempt to access data is potentially malicious. Our Zero Trust model protects your Teams data so not even Microsoft themselves can access it. Learn more about how to prepare your business for this shift in our latest eBook.

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Find out how Worldr helps keep Kingdom Trust’s financial data secure and compliant.

“Worldr offers us data security for our most sensitive customer data. An effortless implementation, we now feel protected against third-party threats.”

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We empower organizations to centralize control of their data because digital transformation demands data security

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Privacy, security and compliance for your existing communications.