Who we are

At Worldr, we believe you should be the only one, ever, who has access control of the data that you produce. To accomplish this, we build zero trust architectures on top of the most popular communication platforms so that your employees can use what they love without you losing your data sovereignty.

What we do

Worldr provides a comprehensive, data-localized and secure interaction for enterprises facing current communications challenges.

Worldr offers a compelling user interface and user experience which reduces data latency and the cognitive load burden. Operational flow is ensured to allow teams to work collaboratively and securely at scale even when remote working.

Worldr for Microsoft Teams
Zero Trust Encryption for Microsoft Teams
Worldr Core Messenger
Private, Secure and Compliant team communication software
Why it’s important

We are producing more data in 2021 than ever before.

Without a sense of where this data is stored, how it’s protected, and who has access to it, it becomes impossible to make this information fully private & secure.

While third-party communication tools can improve efficiency, the questions over where your conversations are stored and how they are protected can be detrimental to your cybersecurity.

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