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Messenger platforms to zero trust - owning your data with Worldr

With centralized services like Teams being among the biggest targets of cyberattackers, it has never been more important to incorporate zero trust security.

January 13, 2022

When the pandemic took hold in 2020, the world witnessed a meteoric rise of remote work. At the time, many business leaders believed the shift to remote collaboration would be temporary. However, over the past two years, they have started looking beyond remote work as a means of business survival to appreciate the long-term benefits. This has prompted business leaders to rethink their digital strategies.

Cloud-based collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams have naturally played a central role in the evolution of work. Between April 2020 and 2021, the number of Teams users almost doubled, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Even with many people returning to the office, Teams and similar platforms are now so deeply ingrained into collaboration that it is hard to imagine life without them.

That being said, challenges remain around security and compliance, especially with regards to market-leading centralized solutions that house your most sensitive digital assets. As remote work soared, so too did cyber-attacks. 2021 alone saw the largest increase of cyber-attacks in history to the point it became an underground global industry generating $16.4 billion per day worth of ill-gotten gains. This is what prompted Worldr to re-envision itself as a provider of secure communications.

Modern business communications…without fear

Passing the 250 million monthly user count in July 2021, Microsoft Teams has become one of the undistributed industry leaders in workplace collaboration. Furthermore, its deep integration with the broader Microsoft 365 software environment has made it an undeniably valuable and mission-critical component of businesses across almost all industry sectors. Given the role it plays in everyday operations for so many organizations, retiring it on the ground of security or compliance concerns is hardly practical.

Instead, the ultimate goal should be to empower businesses and their employees to continue using the tools they are already familiar with without fear. This is why Worldr expanded upon its core Messenger app to launch Worldr for Microsoft Teams. This solution is designed to bring zero trust security, regulatory compliance, and data sovereignty to Microsoft Teams and mitigate today’s greatest cyber risks. That way, your team can continue using the software they know and love in the most secure environment possible.

How secure is Microsoft Teams?

It won’t come as any surprise that, given its backing by one of the world’s biggest technology companies, Teams is already quite a secure platform. But is it secure enough? 

Although Teams has security and compliance enabled by design and default, there are elements which may not support enough of a secure environment for use in highly regulated industries, such as finance, government, law, and healthcare. The fact is, like any collaboration tool, it is not completely hack-proof. For example, in 2021, a vulnerability was discovered that could allow attackers to use malicious GIF files to access accounts. While Microsoft was quick to patch that particular vulnerability, others have come to light since. 

Software vulnerabilities are not the only risks facing collaboration platforms. In fact, the biggest risks are those that the software developers have little or no control over, such as social engineering attacks. For this reason, businesses need full visibility into and control over their communications by way of comprehensive auditability, data sovereignty, and zero trust security.

Since Worldr is deployed on top of Microsoft Teams, it adds a crucial extra layer of security to any deployment. Our goal is to offer maximum security for minimal effort, allowing you to innovate seamlessly in less than 3 minutes for your entire organization.

Worldr for Microsoft Teams keeps your communications secure by mitigating third-party threats to stop breaches. Get in touch today to request a demo.

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