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Government and Defense

With a dramatically evolving cyberthreat landscape, zero trust security has never been more important

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Enabling zero trust security in the public sector

In early 2022, the White House published a memo setting forth the standards for zero trust architecture (ZTA) to be applied throughout federal technology infrastructure by no later than the end of 2024 to counter increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.

Zero Trust is a security framework that requires users to be authenticated and continuously validated before being granted or keeping access to applications and data.

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The cost of a breach for healthcare and pharmaceuticals

11 years

healthcare had the highest industry cost of a breach


average total cost of a data breach in the healthcare sector

4,5M exposed

records between 2018-2021 including financial data

How can the public sector achieve this?

Multi-factor authentication

A method of identity and access management that leverages two or more measures to authenticate a user’s identity.

Role-based access controls

Ensure that all users, devices, and applications only have access to the systems and data they need to perform their roles.

Monitoring systems

Logs every attempt to access a system in real time to ensure that security teams always have complete visibility into their environments.

Policy engine

The heart of any zero trust architecture - the component that ultimately decides whether a user or device can access a given data set, on a per-session basis.

Moving to Zero Trust security with the US government

The federal government recently stated their intention to transition to a Zero Trust framework by 2024. Zero Trust security is an approach built around the notion that every attempt to access data is potentially malicious. Our Zero Trust model protects your Teams data so not even Microsoft themselves can access it. Learn more about how to prepare your business for this shift in our latest eBook.

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