Worldr CEO, Max Buchan explains the growing need for zero trust security on Sky News

Healthcare and Pharma

Protect Microsoft Teams communications in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry.

Reinforcing secure communications

Protect sensitive PHI and medical data in hybrid work environments
Prevent threats actors from accessing IP, patent or patient data
Mitigate the risk of complex supply chain vulnerabilities
Defend against unauthorized access with zero trust security

No need for retraining

Your employees continue using the platform they know and love

Protect IP, patent and patient data against cyberattacks

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors are among the most susceptible to devastating threat actors. With data breach costs at a whopping $9.23 million, it remains the highest cost of a breach industry for the 11th year in a row. In this eBook we look deeper into those threats along with compliance issues facing the industry as a whole.

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Worldr for Microsoft Teams keeps your communications data safe, wherever you are

Clinical Laboratories

Collaborate without the risk of exposing sensitive vaccine information.


Flexibility to protect your communications within a growing ecosystem

Health Services

Personally identifiable data remains in your control, without third-party access


Vaccine and patent details stay safe so production, sales and trials remain unaffected

Major data breaches in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals to learn from


Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca Breach


Merck attack by NotPetya


AstraZeneca targeted by North Korean hackers


Bayer and Roche attack by Winnti


Dr Reddy’s Laboratories breached


Ransomware threatens Eskenazi Health


Florida Healthy Kids Corporation Breach

“Worldr offers us data security for our most sensitive customer data. An effortless implementation, we now feel protected against third-party threats.”

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Ryan Radloff
CEO Kingdom Trust

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